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 A very short history  A very short history   Agile Jobs Explosion   Agile Jobs Explosion

The real world challenges presented to agile project managers are to cut back office costs and save hard earned revenue by reducing project costs through greater efficiency.

Governments and commercial organisations are looking to slice every Dollar every Pound every Euro every Cent.

They seek workable methods with unified change governance that allow them to coordinate their change mission and to successfully run their change programmes inside very demanding cost management parameters.

This is our objective in The Big Agile Toolkit. Agile initiatives are sprouting up all over the place offering magical silver bullet solutions to the apparent failures of waterfall development.

There is a distinct measure of agile snobbery in this well announced cliché but unfortunately, as with all difficult challenges, the solution is not that simple or immediate.

The Big Agile Toolkit is a workable and comprehensive solution to this very current challenge. The first challenge is locating very skilled personnel who are used to working in high performance project environments. This is not easy as we will see next.


 A very short history     A very short history   Agile Jobs Explosion    Agile Jobs Explosion

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A very current challenge


The Big Agile Toolkit

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