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 Agile Project Management  Agile Project Management   A very current challenge   A very current challenge

The Pharaohs built the great Pyramid of Giza circa 2500BC. It has been widely written that an overall manager delegated duties to 4 sub managers each with the responsibility for a single face of the pyramid. Archaeologists still argue about how they achieved this, especially how they managed specific tasks, however it must have involved management and coordination.

So you see, even from this simple example, that a project is a very ancient and a very modern activity too.

In the early days of project delivery, project management techniques were only used to any degree on larger engineering and construction projects. These involved planning the project in sequence, measurement of progress coupled with control and leadership.

The use of the PERT chart and examining Critical Paths started in the 1950s. The Project Management Institute started in the 1960s, PRINCE in the 1980s. PRINCE2 and DSDM arrived in the late 1990s. The Agile Alliance was formed in 2001 & Version 1 of The Big Agile Toolkit was published in late 2010.

That is the end of the history lesson. To learn more about project management history there are acres of text on the web and many lines of suitably jocular media inhabiting the various social, and some really quite unsocial, applications on the Internet. We prefer to concentrate our efforts on our current challenges. These are the real world opportunities that are presented to agile project managers and we will look a little deeper into this topic now.

 Agile Project Management     Agile Project Management   A very current challenge    A very current challenge

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