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 Repairing Broken Motivations  Repairing Broken Motivations   Facilitation   Facilitation

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Coaching your people on your project is about opening doors and taking the project on a journey.

As the coach you are the driver of collaboration, the conductor of progress.

You provide the sign to next steps. You are a manipulator of chaos, arbiter of conflict and a fire starter when the project spark dies down.

This is not a role for a new agile adopter but for those who have delivered agile projects it can be a satisfying and rewarding responsibility.

Your experience as an agile coach has to start somewhere so this may be your first opportunity. Start now.

A coach emerges just like an agile project solution, discovering and uncovering their role as they guide others to discover and uncover solutions to problems.

Experienced managers have to coach people, to guide inexperienced or wary team members towards a solution or towards a particular approach. You may have had training experience. A coaching role though is not a training role.

However, an inexperienced team may demand more instruction and training than an experienced team would require. The circumstances that involve coaching are an interesting and powerful topic. We will examine these within this Chapter. Later we will look at how you can examine and establish the level of agile experience within a team. But first to begin the topic, let us look at some of the techniques used during coaching.


 Repairing Broken Motivations     Repairing Broken Motivations   Facilitation    Facilitation

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