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 Manage the Incidents  Manage the Incidents   Setup Planning Workshop   Setup Planning Workshop

We will look at what facilitated workshops are, where and when they are used, the benefits of using them and the critical success factors involved in the successful facilitated workshop.

For the purposes of planning, the Toolkit provides three planning products which are entitled the Setup Plan, Delivery Plan and Release Plan. The three products are created via three distinct workshops entitled the Setup Planning Workshop, Delivery Planning Workshop and Release Planning Workshop. But we must bear in mind that the project will benefit from workshops for purposes other than planning.

The project may also utilize a User Requirements Workshop to explore and confirm the requirements your project is about the deliver. We may also elect to enact a Risk Management Workshop to explore what risks we can anticipate and gain some understanding of the work we need to perform in mitigation of these risks. We may elect to perform a Business Area Workshop to understand the whole of the business scope for the proposed project or a R&R Workshop to explore and confirm the roles and responsibilities to be used on the project used inside the Toolkit.

 Setup Planning Workshop 
 Delivery Planning Workshop 
 Release Planning Workshop 
 User Requirements Workshop 
 What are facilitated workshops 
 Workshop roles and responsibilities 
 Workshop preparation 
 Workshop objectives 
 Workshop deliverables 
 Management Commitment 
 Workshop participants 
 Workshop briefing document 
 Preparing workshop participants 
 Workshop ground rules 
 Workshop familiarisation 
 Workshop logistics 
 Workshop room Layout 
 Workshop room Logistics 
 Who is accountable 
 Workshop agenda 
 Facilitation skills 
 Active listening 
 Facilitation techniques 
 Practical techniques 
 Root Cause Analysis 
 Problem people 

 Manage the Incidents     Manage the Incidents   Setup Planning Workshop    Setup Planning Workshop

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