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 A very current challenge  A very current challenge   Naked Agile Revealed   Naked Agile Revealed

As we said earlier, there is a frenzy of agile initiatives seeking solutions to the current project challenges. The evidence is plain for all to see on I.T. job boards. The evidence also demonstrates that no one single agile approach is supremely ascendant or uniquely demanded above the rest. When an agile project manager role or agile coach role is advertised, invariably, the advertisement lists almost all the agile skills and techniques and demands some element of competence in them all. Vacancies for agile related posts have risen by 65%, while the titles and skills of popular agile approaches feature highly in the search text of project managers and agile practitioners of many different types.

A swift search of a UK based job board using the skill agile reveals 1500 to 2000 jobs even searching for vacancies no more than one week old. A search of a popular US jobs board maxes out completely, allowing you to see its maximum of 1000 jobs at a time! I think we are managing to communicate that it is a very popular skill, in demand and that this demand is growing worldwide.

When we talked to possible clients a few years ago, our first job was convincing the client that agile might just work. Now we do not have that barrier. The client is aware of the success of competitors and they are eager to level the playing field. The personnel solutions being sought right now fall into two categories. The two solution categories are Practical and Advisory.

The practical roles include demand for people with practical skills such as technical architects, business analysts, developers, SCRUM project leaders or SCRUM Masters with practical agile expertise to bring to the hiring organisation.

The advisory roles include agile coaches, technology and process consultants, test automation and database consultants, and temporary project and programme management to overcome impermanent agile project challenges and for agile team selection and agile project health checks.


 A very current challenge     A very current challenge   Naked Agile Revealed    Naked Agile Revealed

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