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Conventional projects suffer from the conventional challenges such as unrealistic deadlines, communications problems, scope changes, rivalry for resources, unclear dependencies, risk management failures, lack of accountability, goals not defined and the customer disengaged throughout the project.

All these challenges are satisfied by techniques in the Toolkit.

However, when we add Outsourcing to the mix, we further compound our projects risks and problems. Therefore, when we add Outsourcing to our project environment or we aim to transition our business to an outsourced model, we will further strengthen our operation and defences in prepared preparation.

First of all, let us seek out, investigate and examine the problems.

Communication and collaboration are the first casualties when outsourcing is added on to a project without forward planning. There are two technical disconnects which take place and we will discuss these topics of release management and estimation too.


 Contract Disengagement     Contract Disengagement   Successful Agile Transformation    Successful Agile Transformation

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Agile Outsourcing Challenges


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