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Let us remember that your agile project is simple, straightforward and very clear.

Your project will evolve emerging solutions, regularly demonstrate these and combine them into shipments.

It is meant to be like this and let us reiterate this simplicity to explain why.

This is performed to gain confirmation from the business team that the development and the final solution are both aiming towards the planned objectives.

These are the objectives of the next shipment and of the whole project.

These shipments deliver gradual elements of the growing solution and are validated, deployed and used by the business to extract the planned project benefits.
  1. It produces one delivery subdivided into shipments that contain assessment deliverables for a business team.

  2. The project will have one delivery with a Delivery start date and a Delivery end date.

  3. The delivery will be subdivided into a series of sequenced shipments.

  4. Each of the shipments has a Shipment start date and Shipment end date.

Elsewhere in the Toolkit, we address each of the main planning functions and the specific deliverables.

 Project Plans 
 Setup Plan 
 Delivery Plan 
 Release Plan 
 Training Plan 

This is all you need and the plan does not need to be any more complex than this. Now, you may ask where the milestones are and how do we plan and replan...?


 Project Planning     Project Planning   Planning and Re-planning    Planning and Re-planning

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Agile Planning In A Paragraph


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