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 Engagement Commitment Maintenance  Engagement Commitment Maintenance   Business driver Commitment   Business driver Commitment

Our projects demand real reliable responsibilities and not excuses. Projects are partnerships, collaborations and alliances of people who share an obligation to deliver specified promises. You cannot normally crack a whip and threaten project participants with condemnation, hell and eternal torment if they fail in their obligations. So you need a workable alternative. This is best achieved with a list. This list denotes each Commitment and each owner. We find that making this list universally available and, if possible, visible to all participants is a much more successful approach to maintaining that Commitment than physical threats and intimidation. This list, as you saw before is entitled the Readiness Declaration.

We do not call it an Engagement List as this conjures up frightening visions of an inventory of army combat confrontations or the glamorously wrapped gifts for an eagerly awaited pre nuptial ceremony; neither of which provides instant appeal by sounding either physically or financially painful. We said we want to avoid threats and intimidation, so we will.

Now, you are going to use the power of the group again and work this phenomenon to your advantage. This clear, unambiguous and visible list makes it clear to the whole project across the whole organisation which are the Commitments, the specific criteria for disengagement and who is responsible for that Commitment. Frankly, if you build this list and publicise it, you can do no more. Beyond escalating internally or launching a tirade of blame emails that will not really successfully endear you to your colleagues, you have done just about enough to communicate the responsibilities and to evidence who is authorised to maintain them.

All the Commitments and their criteria are finally documented in a fully complete Readiness Declaration. They are as follows:

  1. Business driver Commitment
  2. Project ownership Commitment
  3. Roles and responsibilities Commitment
  4. Business working Commitment
  5. Technical working Commitment
  6. Fit for purpose Commitment
  7. Success measurement Commitment
  8. Project timescale Commitment
  9. Requirements change management Commitment
  10. Collaboration Commitment
  11. Sign off Commitment
  12. Delivery Commitment
  13. Disengagement Commitment
  14. Toolkit Commitment

Now let us look at the Commitments one at a time.


 Engagement Commitment Maintenance     Engagement Commitment Maintenance   Business driver Commitment    Business driver Commitment

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