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 Agile Project Governance Information  Agile Project Governance Information   Project Landscape   Project Landscape

Decisions by the governance participants are essential for your project. You need answers that are unambiguous and judgements that are sound. You need swift solutions to issues and immediate release of any blockages to project progress. But it goes further than this. Your project will be operating at high velocity and will be increasing the temperature on the project, and to a greater or lesser degree around the project, as it progresses. It cannot be avoided; you are doing something different and unconventional practices attract attention in every organisation. So you need supportive governance that is evidently accommodating, maybe even encouraging the approach your project is taking. This can be a big ask in larger organisations notably those with established views or long-established practices. However, if the decisions you expect from your governance groups take an age to appear or they are lacking in clarity or, even worse, start to question the approach then you have another extra burden that will add to your effort, to your risks, to your costs and challenge the basis of the project. Adding unsupportive project governance team to your Risk Log will not solve this!

All this needs establishing and sorting out before you start, or changing very quickly indeed if you have already started the project. Establish the groups involved, what they are bringing to the project in the shape of their specific responsibilities, what they need in the form of management information about progress, costs etc and what the decision process will be. A swift overview of the approach will be useful too so they know what to expect and what is expected of them also. When there are gaps in the project governance, document them as risks and manage them each day to see if they can be contained, surmounted or overcome.

Elsewhere, we outline two very important parts of the Toolkit: Readiness Declaration and Engagement Commitment. Any project governance that is missing or does not support the Engagement Commitments is uncovered as part of the Readiness Declaration. Missing parts are critical and cannot wait for lengthy repair. It is painful but the right decision to halt the project until it is mended.

You do not climb onto a bike if there is no saddle because that is painful too.


 Agile Project Governance Information     Agile Project Governance Information   Project Landscape    Project Landscape

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