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 Agile Project Governance GRID  Agile Project Governance GRID   Agile Project Governance Roles   Agile Project Governance Roles

Groups are required for your project governance because there are groups (you will have deduced already that these are groups of people of course) who have influences over your project. Whether you like this idea or not; we are afraid it is the truth. These are not dark forces; they are not normally dark forces at any rate! Simply, they will be the stakeholder groups, user or steering groups, groups to provide funding and groups to provide guidance and approval. All these types of group and more operate in larger organisations and need to be engaged and informed as well as included within your project communications. Maybe certain of the groups require tailored stakeholder management and a little more time, like a Project Board, than the rest. Evidently you will evaluate the effort this demands as and when required. We will discuss user groups, stakeholder management and the Project Board elsewhere in the Toolkit. For now, let us look at the next Project Governance GRID element.


 Agile Project Governance GRID     Agile Project Governance GRID   Agile Project Governance Roles    Agile Project Governance Roles

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