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 Agile Project Governance Roles  Agile Project Governance Roles   Agile Project Governance Decisions   Agile Project Governance Decisions

Information or data is important to all our projects. In this instance we refer to management reporting that informs and updates the groups we mentioned earlier about your project so they can accomplish their roles and deliver on their responsibilities for project governance to ensure your project is, and remains, supported. You need to ensure the various committees and programme boards within your organisation are aware of your project. They will likely need periodic or ad hoc reports on the project to ensure it continues to deliver its promises and does not stray into those parts of the organisational change territory currently occupied by existing projects or soon to be occupied by forthcoming projects. This is an especially vital consideration if your project or business team have agreed to changes in the scope of your project. Bear in mind this includes either expanding or retracting the scope. You must be aware of the (very much) wider picture in large organisations. There will already be certain expectations within your organisations management that your project will be delivering a specific element of change functionality. If this assumption has changed it is important that pertinent information regarding this change is permeated across the organisation. A no surprises culture is a wise approach for your project to take, as it is easier on your health.


 Agile Project Governance Roles     Agile Project Governance Roles   Agile Project Governance Decisions    Agile Project Governance Decisions

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