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 Agile Project Governance Groups  Agile Project Governance Groups   Agile Project Governance Information   Agile Project Governance Information

R&R refers to Roles and Responsibilities and specifically the roles and responsibilities for the various members of the groups we outlined earlier. It is important you understand who is who and who makes the decisions pertinent to your project. Too often, and too late in the process, an important stakeholder is identified or an important responsibility is revealed that is simply not covered by the project. This can have a messy guillotine effect on your project severing the project, or maybe even worse the person in charge, in an all too swift instance. This is to be avoided obviously. A swift workshop at the outset of a project, or at handover if you picked up this project midstream, will be a useful tool to overcome this possibility. Get key stakeholders into your workshop and go through the decision makers one by one, making sure you have them all covered and in contact or communication with your project. A set of Post It Notes handed round the table and your request for a meeting room wall full of all the possible roles and responsibilities required for your project will normally elicit the likely candidates, if you invited the correct learned people to your workshop, of course.


 Agile Project Governance Groups     Agile Project Governance Groups   Agile Project Governance Information    Agile Project Governance Information

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