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 Delivering Concurrent Projects  Delivering Concurrent Projects   What is an Agile Transformation   What is an Agile Transformation

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If we are to discuss how projects should be measured, managed and delivered it is important to understand why we have projects in the first place, especially before we run amok with the intense details of project management.

Humans have delivered projects throughout the ages. Colonisation of new territories of the Earth has taken place since the earliest days of human existence and these are some of the first examples of organised human activity. These early world colonisation strategies did not happen by chance. They were driven by political, strategic, religious, cultural and economic objectives. Such strategies were made up of many projects to invade, conquer and control the colonies as well as less complex, more local projects that involve planned migration to clear forest, collect timber, raise new crops, and improve animal grazing and many more reasons. These strategies were delivered, just like our projects of today, as part of distinct programmes. These programmes, and thus the strategies, were achieved by the successful delivery of a series of related individual projects.

That is what projects are for and, because they are the basic elements used to deliver the strategy of an organisation, they are crucial to the expansion and ultimately the survival of the organisation.

To deliver significant organisational objectives under challenging financial constraints is tough. To deliver them inside complex technological environments is even tougher. To deliver them with high quality outcomes that are accepted by demanding business management is therefore a very significant achievement, indeed. The mechanism to achieve this, to deliver the highest possibility of success and the highest possible performance is by delivering your projects using agile techniques. This is done professionally by defining and aligning agile processes inside professional management and governance. To create this complex environment will involve an Agile Transformation of your organisation by defining project governance appropriate to the project delivery requirements of your organisation. Let us look at this topic a little more.

 Delivering Concurrent Projects     Delivering Concurrent Projects   What is an Agile Transformation    What is an Agile Transformation

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