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Deliverable quality is the responsibility of the business team members. It is the business team members who are responsible for validating that the various project deliverables are fit for purpose. This is performed in project assessments and demos, in group sessions and in one-to-one meetings. Very often, we see projects benefit from the assistance of experienced testers and/or quality managers during these activities. It is vital to have experienced people validating technical output, who also give suitable guidance to the business team members.

Therefore, you can see that the emphasis of responsibility for quality lies squarely with the business team. As a developer, you may have a view about how a program or screen should operate. You will try to let those views fade into the background. You may be called upon to give your opinion, fine. In this instance, give your opinion certainly. Conventional build and development behaviours or rules are not natural bedfellows inside high velocity projects.

Let us go through an example. Calendar dates and the processing of dates inside software applications are often complex processes. We have all worked with dates on IT projects for years. We know the usual suspects and the challenges. We know about leap year processing. We know that 30 days has September, April, June and November. We know that different cultures have different weekends. We recognise this validation automatically as soon as we are asked to deliver date processing functionality, as we have delivered it a thousand times. It is a rule. But this is a rule that is about to be broken. It may not be necessary and it is the business people on our projects who decide now. They own the chequebook and the pen.

We will now consider whether the business team want all this processing. If we have a date processing module that performs all this processing for a standard price, or for free, then we should consider that and offer it. If, however, we have to manually develop all of this, then we need to understand which date processing elements are important and which are not.

 Agile and Development Standards     Agile and Development Standards   Agile and Deliverable Features    Agile and Deliverable Features

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Agile and Deliverable Quality


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