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 Management of quality  Management of quality   Agile and Deliverable Quality   Agile and Deliverable Quality

Software development standards define the processes, techniques and templates required to develop software in a standardized manner. They will often include coding techniques, data standards and the standard templates, maps or patterns required when coding.

There are international software development standards including ISO 15504 and ISO 12207. These are international standards to demonstrate an organisations capability to deliver software, systems and I.T. services. They involve assessors who collect evidence during assessments and present assessment results. ISO 12207 is especially complex and detailed involving five main processes of acquisition, supply, development, operation and maintenance. They were designed with the traditional waterfall projects in mind. Obviously, if this level of detailed software development standards is required on your project, you need to assess the work involved.

Development standards have to be a documented requirement of the project if they are mandated. If mandated, they go into your project requirements list and are given priority.

If they are mandated, this requirement is a must have requirement. It should therefore, be developed along with all the other mandatory or must have requirements. The work to align to development standards will be estimated and this estimation will be performed by an experienced estimator, who knows the capability and experience of the various team members as well as the effort to align to development standards.


 Management of quality     Management of quality   Agile and Deliverable Quality    Agile and Deliverable Quality

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