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If your shipments are going to an independent testing team, then the team must be involved especially in the meetings that lead up to the date of the shipment, if not all meetings. This is so the agile project has no hidden surprises when it comes to validate the shipment. This way your testing team does not have to waste time looking for or validating things which have not been built.

The business team validate what has been built as part of the assessments and agreed to forego other items that have not been built as agreed at the Daily Forum.

As you can see, if you have one, it is important to agree with an independent testing team precisely what it is they are going to validate. If it is mandatory that you pass the criteria set by the independent testing team, then they will be a key stakeholder.

They will be on board in the Daily Forum meetings, need access to the project RAID Log and will be involved in planning and estimating workshops. This is especially important, if this is your Pathfinder Project. Testing is the area with greatest impact when delivering agile projects. It is therefore the area where the testing team members themselves are likely to have greatest concern.

Therefore, it is important that the independent testing team manager has awareness of, and agreement to, the fit for purpose Engagement Commitment, achievement objectives and business priorities your project is working to.


 Agile and Removing Waste     Agile and Removing Waste   Agile and Achievement    Agile and Achievement

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Agile and Independent Testing


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