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The Toolkit, however, does not mandate planning software. Our ethos is to deliver things fit for purpose, so we use that ethos for the things we deliver during the project. Our plan is going to be fit for purpose. That is all. A one-page spreadsheet, graphic or presentation slide will suffice. We know the start date of delivery. We know the end date of the delivery. We know the start date and the end date of each shipment. That is it.

We do not plan the detail because we do not know the detail. We do not know the detail because we want the detail to emerge, as we seek out the opportunities that arise as the project heads towards delivering the business objectives. Many people, at first sight, believe this looks a little too open-ended. It is, however, not the case. Remember you have clear business objectives. Our combined project team has a good idea of what we want to deliver. We understand what shipments that delivery is likely to demand. Each shipment will have a series of outputs that are assessed by our business users and we will liaise with our team to determine which of these outputs will sit inside of which shipment. We will perform some re-planning if scope seep is demanded and shift our shipments around to suit. We will agree all this with our project stakeholders including the business team in a collaborative working understanding.

The production of assessment deliverables such as screen and reports etc. will have estimates assigned to them. We would traditionally add contingency, as we expect the big bad world is out to make our project fail. In our experience, this process is best performed in a planning workshop with an independent facilitator and contingency is not needed as you will flex the delivery of the project by prioritising the work and delivering only priority work inside the next timebox. There will be more information describing this as we look at project plans.


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Agile and a Simple Plan


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