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 My agile approach -fill in name of approach- is best  My agile approach -fill in name of approach- is best   Large companies dont do agile   Large companies dont do agile

Short iterations do not give enough time to develop proper new functionality. We hear this comment a lot. It is understandable. If you have a certain level of new functionality that you wish to include in your next demonstration release, then you need enough time in which to do it. If the iteration that contains this effort is not big enough to accommodate that effort, then the iteration is the wrong size. If your estimate is correct, if you are certain or as certain as you can be about the time taken to deliver this new functionality, then the iteration will cover that estimate. If you are at the start of your project, then you need to get back into planning mode. Take another look at that iteration to make sure it is going to have enough time. You are faced with the option to deliver a half developed release or a half developed demonstration. Otherwise, you are forced to move your release demonstration to the next iteration. The latter option puts pressure on subsequent iterations while the former option reduces the confidence of your business team in your ability to deliver a quality solution. Neither is beneficial, so re-plan. If you are halfway through your project, then you still need to get into planning mode and re-plan the project fast.


 My agile approach -fill in name of approach- is best     My agile approach -fill in name of approach- is best   Large companies dont do agile    Large companies dont do agile

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