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 Agile projects are only small  Agile projects are only small   Agile methods dont mix   Agile methods dont mix

We hear that you need special skills to deliver these types of projects. Now, while we agree that having these special skills beforehand will be useful, like many other things in life you have to learn these as you go. The Toolkit gives you pointers to these skills and we will go through an important one now. Communication is important on your project. On traditional waterfall projects, developers rarely contact business people. It is one of the reasons, you will have realised by now, why waterfall projects rarely deliver what they set out to do. So if you are presented with people who are used to waterfall conventions, they may not have the soft skills necessary for communication.

The project manager will need to have their radar switched on and tracking for this sort of challenge. Remember, before you set out on this project, you gained the Commitment of your team in the area of soft skills. Sadly, people do not always tell the truth and you need to be on the lookout for such sinister deceptions.

Alternatively tell your detractors that you do indeed have special powers and that you only change costumes in New York phone booths.


 Agile projects are only small     Agile projects are only small   Agile methods dont mix    Agile methods dont mix

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