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 Agile projects have no scope  Agile projects have no scope   Agile is the Communist Union for Developers   Agile is the Communist Union for Developers

Well let us see. Scope is defined in the User Requirements Workshop and agreed with the project sponsor.

So the project scope is correct and confirmed at the very start. Scope Creep is a derogatory term for uncontrolled adjustment to or change of scope.

However in an agile project we welcome change and fully recognise that a business team may wish to alter the aim of a project to deliver adjusted and new outcomes as the project emerges. Scope Creep is a derogatory term because, when it applies to waterfall projects, there is an assumption the project will deliver the new scope along with all the other scope it signed up to deliver too. On an agile project we do no such thing. With adjustment to scope in one area comes an equal and instant reduction of scope in another. With Scope Creep, we will also experience and confirm some Scope Seep.


 Agile projects have no scope     Agile projects have no scope   Agile is the Communist Union for Developers    Agile is the Communist Union for Developers

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Agile projects are just managed scope creep


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