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 All projects are a shambles  All projects are a shambles   Agile Glossary   Agile Glossary

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You may work in an organisation were some people, maybe your colleagues, will seek to disrupt, resist or oppose your efforts to introduce a new way of project delivery. This is a type of behaviour we see all the time. We find that it is not always done consciously. Quite often people are simply reacting to a new change. They are anxious and they are responding in an automatic expected way to a new approach. They have not done it before. So, they doubt their abilities. However, sometimes this opposition is done vindictively. Maybe, you are introducing something which challenges their seniority, modus operandi or future. As you meet with your various stakeholders, you will start to make a mental note of those you feel will oppose or support the change. Your stakeholder management skills are needed to turn round resistance and you will be wise to use your supporters to help you too.

P.S. there is a domain out there already registered called and it appears to be registered to a practitioner of agile who has a website ( that says they are a fan of software development processes such as Agile Product Design, Crystal, eXtreme Programming, and Lean Software Development.

Agile Sucks. Long Live Agile.


 All projects are a shambles     All projects are a shambles   Agile Glossary    Agile Glossary

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Agile sucks


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