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 Successful Agile Transformation  Successful Agile Transformation   Agile transformation planning   Agile transformation planning

The essential number of projects before agile transformation is robustly declared is The Agile Transformation Capability Threshold. This is the optimal number of projects which need passing through your transformed route and the decision is up to your organisation.

However, it is unlikely to be seen as proven after one or two projects but it is unreasonable to expect more than five or six projects to be processed via the transformed route. It should not be seen as unreasonable, however, for the organisation to seek to monitor the process continually via its standard lifecycle supervisory process.

This monitoring activity is important to support the benefits mining activity of the project to deliver transformation and to evidence the agile transformation successes.

There are two ways to describe agile transformation and you can describe it as either a change or a plan. It is a change that demands the permission and support of your executive and senior management team. This is probably mandatory due to the fundamental nature of the planned organisational changes and volume of people impacted or involved.


 Successful Agile Transformation     Successful Agile Transformation   Agile transformation planning    Agile transformation planning

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Agile transformation Capacity Threshold


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