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 Automated testing  Automated testing   Regression testing   Regression testing

When you have decided on your automated tests, you will select the most appropriate automated testing tool for your circumstances. There are many tools on the market place. A quick search using your preferred web search engine will reveal a list of suppliers. However, you will consider a number of specific points before choosing your automated testing tool. You will need ensure the automated testing tool will run on your environment and be compatible with your application platform e.g. Java, C Sharp, UNIX etc. You want to know what the automated testing tool can do and, possibly more importantly, what it cannot do.

A list of the features of the tool can be gained by a search of the web and comparisons made between tools. However, we are trying to deliver to budget so you will want to get as many appropriate features as you can for the price you pay. Finally, you will consider the ease-of-use of the system and the costs of any training needed for your testing personnel.

Automated testing is not suitable for every type of test. But there are areas of testing that are ideal for automation. The area most suitable for testing automation is in regression testing.


 Automated testing     Automated testing   Regression testing    Regression testing

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