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 Acceptance testing  Acceptance testing   Automated Testing Tools   Automated Testing Tools

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Automated testing is good. It saves time & money and makes the whole process a lot easier to perform. Furthermore, if you can automate the validation of the results then the results are easier to check and more likely to be accurate. Unfortunately, it is not possible or wise to try to automate all tests. It is important to identify the candidate tests for automation. The most suitable candidate tests for automation are those tests that require a lot of data and are frequently run.

Also look for those tests that take a lot of effort and time to run manually as well as those that require multiple builds, multiple configurations are different hardware platforms. We strongly advise that you document your tests, just list them, in an Automation Testing Plan. Keep the Automation Testing Plan updated as you add new functionality. It is more efficient to automate many small simple tests rather than a few large bulky tests. It makes the whole management process simpler and easier to change whenever you need to.

To extract the greatest benefit from Automation testing, you will start Automation tests as soon as possible and run them as often as you can. For example, Unit tests can be automated from the beginning and run every time a change is made. As with all tests, errors that are detected early on in the process are less expensive to fix than those identified later.


 Acceptance testing     Acceptance testing   Automated Testing Tools    Automated Testing Tools

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