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 Test driven development TDD  Test driven development TDD   Other Agile Methods and Techniques   Other Agile Methods and Techniques

Behaviour Driven Development

BDD is an evolution from the Test Driven Development camp inside eXtreme Programming.

BDD offers a series of agile practices outlined elsewhere in The Big Agile Toolkit and very laudably seeks to concentrate the agile mind on the important topics of :
  1. stakeholder involvement,
  2. shared vision,
  3. requirements to achieve that vision,
  4. prototyping and finally,
  5. the iteration of testing and feedback.
It drops into I.T. technology-speak, with the use of Classes, very quickly and has its own language and vocabulary for specification of the user requirements and design. This is a very useful technique if you are using Classes and are working on one of the very many developments in the Object Oriented world. If you are not, it probably will not be too useful. Once again, this is a supportive agile approach and technique. It is not the whole of agile and suitably fits inside appropriate agile governance.

Domain Driven Design

Another evolution from the TDD and BDD camp inside eXtreme Programming is DDD. Once more this approach houses principles inherent in agile projects while it concentrates on the projects with complex domains. It promotes important agile principles:-
  • Maintain the projects primary focus on the core domain of the delivery
  • Use models to refine a complex design and
  • Get the key team members together to collaborate deeply to derive their designs.


 Test driven development TDD     Test driven development TDD   Other Agile Methods and Techniques    Other Agile Methods and Techniques

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Behaviour Driven Development BDD and Domain Driven Design DDD


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