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 Shipment planning  Shipment planning   Project Benefits Review   Project Benefits Review

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Earlier in the Toolkit we promised a debate about how we go from Delivery To Benefits. In this section we will address this concept. Once the solution is released even before it is formally deployed into a live environment, it is vital to ensure it gets used and is formally accepted as well as implanted in the organisation so the benefits can be unearthed and extracted. The process to provide this focus and impetus takes time, effort and Commitment but is needed if the final benefits are to be realised. do not see this as an unconnected phase of the project though. By the time you are underway with benefits mining many of the project team will have left to start other work and the main delivery or development project may be closed.

But this task is as important now as the development and review tasks were when they took place. The whole reason for delivering the project was to uncover specific benefits from the use of the solution. Now is the time to see the benefits. In reality, this phase may not follow directly on from the project end and may in fact start a period of time after the Post Delivery Review but before the Project Benefits Review.

The task now is to champion the solution (the product or service) and to market it all the way through the organisation, driving benefits out of the project by the use of the solution. Get the list of stakeholders and working closely with your project sponsor, go through each department who said they wanted involvement or had input to ensure the solution gets widely adopted and steadfastly embedded in the organisation. Push the solution out with:
  • Solution demonstrations and presentations
  • Solution Workshops and training
  • Marketing materials
  • Solution launches
  • Being the Solution Champion

Now let us look at the process by which we examine our success or failure in deriving project benefits in the Project Benefits Review.


 Shipment planning     Shipment planning   Project Benefits Review    Project Benefits Review

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