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When you branch you replicate a code object so modifications to the code can be performed and in this way you derive two copies of the code on separate branches.

This is an important feature to enable collaboration of developers. Now two or more colleagues can work on the same code in parallel along distinct branches.

We have purposely avoided using terminology relating to specific version control software or types of development such as parent branch, child branch, development branch, code lines, working copies, Daily builds, nightly builds, Pre Alpha, Alpha, Beta, gamma, Delta, Release candidates, General Availability builds and so on.

Whatever package or solution you choose the concept is the same. You split a code base to work on it in parallel, you commit changes to the code base and the changes from parallel developments are merged.

It is resoundingly advisable to choose a version control package (as advised in an earlier section) to perform this task and do not be tempted to adopt any ad hoc or manual solutions. They are just too error prone to be of professional and repeatable use.

There are certainly enough less expensive solutions around that work. A swift search using your preferred search engine will uncover the candidates to choose from.


 Version Control     Version Control   Branches    Branches

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