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 The Agile Team Ethos  The Agile Team Ethos   Monitoring the Team   Monitoring the Team

Now when we discuss the term building a team this does not necessarily mean or involve team building. For Team Building, in this instance, we refer to corporate hospitality events, company activity days, treasure hunts, target shooting, building rafts over rivers, group line dancing, paintball or we learned in the post this morning it also includes group ice carving.

If that is what is needed then it is a matter of organising it and paying the bill. However we consider the group in the environment and how we help this sort of team gel and work. We want to consider simple easy solutions and techniques that will help this objective. Consider a group photo shoot for the whole project as well as individual photographs for each team member pinned up on a centrally visible wall. Visitors to your project who need a particular team member have a swift and easy way to identify the person they have come to meet.

Research has shown that humans depend on face-to-face communication. Automatically and without thinking we naturally examine the non-verbal signals we get from the face of the person we are communicating with. We rely on this information and this gives us confidence to continue, to stop and to question or explain further. Encourage the team to use this form of communication regularly and visibly. User directions are clearer, more representative and more compelling to team members when they are received personally and face-to-face. It helps bond the team by making information easier to work with and by removing doubts.

We always suggest a wiki or intranet pages of some sort to hold and maintain links to topics of interest to the team and providing information supporting the project processes. We also suggest a project team builds up a series of links to videos or articles about agile processes, agile training services, local agile groups, conferences and events. Furthermore, it is a good place to store the various cascades to your team members. Finally it helps when on-boarding team members to point them to this resource as a quick overview of the process. Take note of the items they believe are missing; their natural unaffected response is often accurate.

Meanwhile, we must make sure the team is still operating at high efficiency.


 The Agile Team Ethos     The Agile Team Ethos   Monitoring the Team    Monitoring the Team

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