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Originating, we believe, from or around the time of the Scrum method the burn down chart is a graph showing the remaining work outstanding against the elapsed time on a project.

The diagram we include herein is a public domain example of a burn down chart from the Wikipedia page:

This though uses a lower and more detailed level of granularity than we would suggest is necessary. The sample chart uses hours to show the size of work on the project. We would suggest a simple story point or more relative and less specific time measurement metric is used.

Certainly we would measure the progress of the project in calendar days and note an ideal route line through the chart to demonstrate the optimal ratio.

It is a simple diagrammatical representation of the progress of a project as it heads towards the bottom right hand corner when all of the project work will be complete. As we do not advocate the logging of tasks or effort at task level some of the features of the chart become redundant. However, the chart is still a very useful indicator of the projects aim and success.


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Burndown Charts


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