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The Business Case is an interesting idea but it is no longer needed, seriously. Do a search of Business Case using your preferred search engine and there will be over 4 million pages describing or referring to Business Case. They all describe it, offer templates and training in writing one or they propose real life (whatever that really means) case studies using the business case.

When we searched online we found a Leather Business Case for 19.99. This is a bargain and frankly a much more useful case for use in everyday business. Anyway back to the plot before we say anymore. The Business Case has been in and around the project arena for ages; but what is it?

Well, the books tell you that it is the overall reason for your project. They say that it is a simple tool used to gain management Commitment and funding. Some say it is a description of the business need that your project is about to satisfy. Other learned textbooks tell you that the business case is the place where you document the background to the project, the objectives, the strategy, the planned costs and the proposed benefits, the various alternative approaches considered, the scope and constraints of the project, as well as the deliverables, the plan, the resources and the RAID.

Phew, this is a big document already. But is it really that at all? Well, no it is not. We are sorry to announce it but, in our view, the Business Case is DEAD. It has been superseded. All the things we mentioned before from the background to the RAID are delivered elsewhere in the Toolkit, in fact in lots of other methodologies. The Business Case is extra, it is duplication and it is waste. If you want some extra work go clean your car. It is good exercise.

You will hear your colleagues cry but we need a business case to justify the project. Often this is associated with projects in the public sector. Almost universally we find that their project is being justified through cost/benefit analysis and thus they do not really need a business case at all. They need some costs and benefits: these come out at the end of the Define phase and are compounded into detailed values at the end of the Survey stage.

If your peers or management are precious about the title Business Case and they hang onto it like a teddy bear with its stuffing hanging out, then copy and paste your Define output to a document and call it Business Case. We guarantee nobody will notice. Now, let us move onto the project economics.

 Strategy Alignment     Strategy Alignment   Economic and other feasibility    Economic and other feasibility

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Business Case is Dead


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