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We learned from the well respected Wired Magazine in August 2010 that The Web Is Dead. We will look at this relatively new development of relatively new technology then consider why this could be the case with something very much older: Change Control.

The original technology used to enjoy the web involved everything being delivered via a web browser. Nowadays we use web browsers certainly. However, Internet enabled applications on PCs, tablets and other mobile devices are used to process our organisations data. Our data is delivered via the Internet but the web itself never touches our data. The platform has changed. Well this circumstance is the same with high performance projects.

Change Control is dead when you use the Toolkit. We do not need it any more. it is died and been superseded. By all means record that a change has been made and version the changes you make if you need the history or the evidence of change.

This can be useful when you come to the various project reviews to evidence your projects ability to work in an agile fashion. But beyond that formal change control is of no use or benefit, certainly. Change control is used to identify a deliverable or configurable item and to identify the changes to that item when we compare the new specification of it with its original agreed specification.

Well using the Toolkit, we do not need or in fact want a detailed specification of an item. We want a deliverable to materialize as the business understands more and more about the subject matter and as new opportunities arise to enhance and add value to the deliverable. We want the result to emerge and the very nature of an emerging result means that it cannot be specified.

If it cannot be specified, it cannot be set under change control, period. So, in using the Toolkit, we have moved away from the old fashioned change control dogma. This is a dogma that demands specifications early in a project then seeks to defend charging extra money to develop the deliverable that the business really wanted when, later in the project, the specification is proved to be inaccurate or just plain wrong.

Using the Toolkit, your project focuses on delivering the precise results that the embedded customer demands within the time and cost parameters set rather than sustaining the old IT opportunities of milking the change control cash cow.


 Change the Paris Method     Change the Paris Method   Change Control Requests Are Dead    Change Control Requests Are Dead

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Change Control Is Dead


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