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There is a standard base set of commandments that permeates all change management. It covers the following set of principles:-

  • Understand the system and collaborate with the participants, fully and entirely. By system we mean more than the technology, we mean the business and its environment, processes, procedures, history, philosophy, associations as well as the behaviours and aspirations of its membership.
  • Understand where the organisation is at the moment and agree this statement with the organisations strategy stakeholders.
  • Understand where the organisation expects and plans to be.
  • Clarify when and why transformation must take place.
  • Establish and understand how a successful transformation will be specifically measured and by whom.
  • Outline and plan the development steps to get from the current operational model to the target operational model in realistic identifiable steps.
  • Collaborate, engage, empower and support participation by and communication with the organisational stakeholders and membership as fully as possible.
With these guiding principles the role of the change manager is to be a change facilitator and catalyst for the organisation to achieve its transformation ambitions.

For the next section, we take a little journey to Paris.

 Organisational Change     Organisational Change   Change the Paris Method    Change the Paris Method

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Change Management Principles


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