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 Outsourcing Contract Negotiation  Outsourcing Contract Negotiation   Agile Outsourcing Challenges   Agile Outsourcing Challenges

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Outsourcing contracts have exit clauses that establish the rules and conditions for the egress and disengagement of parties from a contract. However, these agreements are often vague and fail to line up with the project objectives. Using the Toolkit you have a set of terms and conditions ideally suited to the satisfaction of your project. This relates to the set of project Engagement Commitments you establish in the Survey phase.

It will be wise, if you have not done so already in your outsourcing contract, to align the criteria that denote disengagement (see Engagement Commitments) with your contract exit conditions. If you prefer, make it a condition of your contract that you rewrite and agree exit conditions after the Survey phase.

This makes the job of establishing the rules for disengagement and formulating a tidy exit plan much more straightforward.

It offers a way to close down a failing venture without personalities, ceremony and sensitivities. It therefore means there will be less blood, pain and tears if the plans do not come to fruition and the shutters have to be closed on the venture.


 Outsourcing Contract Negotiation     Outsourcing Contract Negotiation   Agile Outsourcing Challenges    Agile Outsourcing Challenges

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Contract Disengagement


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