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The trigger for starting the Develop phase, the 1st phase of the Deliver stage is the combined signed off Setup Plan, Delivery Plan and Release Plan. The deliverables from the Develop phase are called signed off developments. These are parts of the solution ready for release and derived from the Build & Fix and Testing processes.

We know what development is. It is an activity that involves the creation of something. This is what projects are all about. We begin with little or nothing and create something of use and benefit to our own organisation.

Again, in the Toolkit, we take a slightly different view of development. We were developers, in our careers; we were not conceptual academics or trainers and we came from a developer background. Now that is over with, we will get onto the world of development.

When we are developing, we are building. Inherent in the building process is the almost ever present opportunity to accidentally damage, wreck or break something. However good you are, however professional you are, however many times you have done this before you will make mistakes. You will write something you did not mean to right, oops sorry, I mean, write. You will take (or maybe give) instructions which are ambiguous and this will cause a non-planned route through your development. Maybe, you will make assumptions which turn out to being incorrect and this could cause you extra work.

However we manage to err, blunder or slip-up we will create errors and these will demand some measure of repair. Defects or bugs are errors and they need fixing. Let us look at what we mean by fixing. We mean that we will repair some output that contains some form of error, which we delivered during development. So, we go back to that development and we develop it again, this time without the error. So, we are always building and fixing things.


 DELIVER Introduction     DELIVER Introduction   Build and fix    Build and fix

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