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 Agile testing  Agile testing   Solution Assessments   Solution Assessments

Other agile methodologies blissfully ignore the area of release management and deployment into live environments. This is a pity as countless agile projects repeatedly deliver solutions that fail to operate suitably or even effectively in the live environment. This will not be the case with The Big Agile Toolkit. Yes, you will deliver to budget and your project will be delivered on time providing a solution that the business requires.

But it will also provide a solution that runs effectively in your live environment and meets the acceptance criteria of a professional release manager. Furthermore, it will deliver benefits from an evolving solution and from the final solution itself. But before we get onto the subject of benefits let us look at the release validation process and the importance of the environments we will use.

Your run environment is precious. It is the final interface between an organisation and its clients. It is the vision and impression your customers are presented with when they make an assessment of your organisations standing. Failure in the run environment is a threat to an organisations brand and a risk to its reputation. This is a hazard to avoid and a warning the other agile methodologies singularly fail to take seriously. If it is a warning other agile methodologies DO take seriously they singularly fail to state it and demonstrate it.

Now let us look at how, inside the Toolkit, we achieve release stability. There are two ways to achieve this: solution assessments and environments.


 Agile testing     Agile testing   Solution Assessments    Solution Assessments

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