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Every day, we have a meeting, called the Daily Forum. The Daily Forum is not a progress meeting or update for a project manager, or any one else, to singularly and independently review and comment upon. It is a communications event to give and share progress to each other and to go through the big issues involved in day-to-day development. it is important to make sure the project manager is not the focus of this meeting. Someone, such as the project manager, may need to start the meeting off and ensure it happens regularly but they are not the dictator of this meeting.

To help to take the focus off the project manager and return the focus to the project team members, we suggest that every Daily Forum attendee is asked not to direct their comments to the project manager but to direct their comments to the other attendees.

If you are a project coach, we recommend that every now and again you do not attend the meeting. Do this when you are comfortable that the Daily Forum is progressing and delivering without your attendance. This gets the focus away from you and on the team.


 Burndown Charts     Burndown Charts   Daily Forum Facilities    Daily Forum Facilities

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