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The assessment also provides feedback on defects that the business team have identified.

These defects are added to the Build and Fix list and assigned a priority. If the defect priority identifies that it requires a repair, then the developer responsible repairs it.

You see that repair of defects and development of new features still requires a developer. Nine times out of 10, a defect is most readily identified in a feature that has been most recently developed.

So, the developer will still have the design of that code fresh in their minds. It is also likely that the developer will have the actual source code and test data readily available.

Here is another example of wasted time removed and valuable time saved. Congratulate yourself. So, we said that we plan the build and fix activities together.

We have listed, described and numbered them and assigned a priority to them. In the Toolkit, we treat both lists in the same way and we report on them together.

In our old-fashioned methodologies however, we separate them out again, we would maintain a project requirements list and maintain a project defect list.

In every project methodology though, these are just lists of things that we would like to develop.

In our experience, we have learned the significant project savings to be gained by managing and developing both build and fix, together. Are you convinced yet?


 Build and Fix List     Build and Fix List   Build and Fix Example    Build and Fix Example

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Defects and Repairs


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