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In its most basic sense, change costs money. Change makes money in many cases but it will always consume funds in the process to deliver it. The whole process of delivering change within an organisation costs money too.

The process of delivering change is project delivery and all ill-conceived, poorly managed or poorly planned projects are a very swift way to lose, squander and waste hard earned money. Therefore an organisation needs some governance to ensure that its projects are a good use of organisational funds.

The important challenge for an organisation is to ensure it has the right level of governance to police errant projects but also to promote change driven benefits and good ideas.

For this purpose, IT development organisations deploy a software development life cycle or SDLC. It costs money to develop software and even more money to support software that is badly developed. It costs yet more hard earned money to pay third party delivery partners, specialist temporary staff and contractors for special skills and these costs exponentially rise and become even more irritating when expensive staff have to work extra time or extend their contracts due to poor project planning and management.

It is inefficient and imprudent to deliver projects that fail to reach their end date for a lack of vision, planning or prudence but it is wasteful and careless to deliver projects that fail to deliver the benefits they bravely boasted about when they sought their original funding.

There are many reasons for project failure and many you have likely experienced that the textbooks will never even dream of. What is certain though is the next project you deliver, if you elect to use the Toolkit, will have a certainty that your project will not overshoot its budget or miss targets, it will deliver what the business wants when they want while ensuring it is governed and managed professionally.

Furthermore it will ensure the people who work on the project actually drive the project forward with ingenuity, empowerment and collaboration.


 Scope Reap     Scope Reap   Types of Change    Types of Change

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