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 Sign off Commitment  Sign off Commitment   Disengagement Commitment   Disengagement Commitment

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The project team will commit to deliver the Minimum Acceptable Delivery and no more.

The mandatory requirements comprise the Minimum Acceptable Delivery and the project team commit to deliver this only. Anything further is a bonus. The Minimum Acceptable Delivery is estimated in the Survey phase and is the minimum that our business colleagues will accept as a project conclusion. A pledge to the Delivery Commitment is confirmation that the Minimum Acceptable Delivery will be provided although the project recognises that scope change opportunities may demand extra effort or extra funding to deliver extra work.

Moreover, the Commitment is further extended to acknowledge that your team accept that not all requirements are mandatory requirements and not all requirements will be delivered. The maximum number of requirements for an optimal project is sought and these will be prioritised. A portion of requirements (approx 40%) will be dropped, deferred and assigned a status, other than mandatory, as outlined in the section on Prioritising Requirements. Nonetheless, your project will only estimate to deliver and therefore commit to deliver the mandatory requirements and no more.


 Sign off Commitment     Sign off Commitment   Disengagement Commitment    Disengagement Commitment

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Delivery Commitment


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