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The Toolkit will present a series of delivery options to consider for all or part of the delivery of your project. The Toolkit supports package selection/integration and bespoke application development options including Outsourcing, Nearshoring, Inshoring and Offshoring your projects as well as a whole series of other related delivery topics.

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 Agile Outsourcing Challenges 

An arguably more accurate expression for offshoring is the term non-national outsourcing or cross border outsourcing. However, the term offshoring has been almost universally adopted to represent delivery sourcing arrangements outside the national boundaries of a country, especially in the telecommunications sector, since the 1990s and is unlikely to fall out of use soon.

Therefore, as we continue with the term outsourcing, let us look at what outsourcing is, investigate why organisations choose to outsource and look at the types of outsourcing: firstly let us clarify the terms.


 Project Management Summary     Project Management Summary   Outsourcing    Outsourcing

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