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The Delivery Plan is constructed in collaboration with your project stakeholders within the delivery planning workshop and is the principal output from this workshop. A Delivery Plan is the projects agreed, documented schedule showing the delivery of agreed functionality at agreed times. The Delivery Plan shows the overall project, its start and end date as well as the sub-division of the whole development into minor developments, called releases. The releases are produced for the purposes of assessment. They are transfers of functionality from the development environment to an assessment or release environment. Each release has a release date and shows the user stories from the Prioritised Story Board which that release will deliver as well as the resources needed.

Using the agile technique time boxing, the project will start to work on the first development to deliver the necessary functionality for the first release. Using the time boxing principal the end date is set in stone and may not be changed, this concept is applied to the release date. Throughout the development of the first release the team members are regularly reminded of the fixed nature of the dates within the Delivery Plan. This will maintain the teams focus on the delivery of fit for purpose releasable solutions on time and on budget.


 Setup Plan     Setup Plan   Release Plan    Release Plan

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