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 User Requirements Workshop  User Requirements Workshop   Release Planning Workshop   Release Planning Workshop

The objectives of the delivery planning workshop are to explore the requirements and the Prioritised Story Board derived from the setup planning workshop. The combination of these two documents illustrates the behaviour of the target solution to be developed and provides a description of the interfaces, interactions, calculations, validation, navigation, automation, monitoring, data handling, record processing, reporting, logging, security, audit and many other features in addition to non-functional requirements to define the implementation and operational parameters for the solution. A confirmation of these is performed as part of the setup planning workshop. The task within the delivery planning workshop is to examine the various parcels of functionality to see which are pertinent to the same area of the solution that can be combined, allocated a shared development target and delivered for assessment and review together. The resulting schedule is documented in the Delivery Plan.

The splitting and synchronisation of sections of functionality depends on other factors which will be addressed as part of the delivery planning workshop. These include making sure the separation of functions maintains and does not interrupt the objectives, ethos or vision of the project. The opportunity to deliver certain benefits and thus certain functionality before any other is another circumstance which will define the sequencing of parcels of delivery. If the arrival of certain pieces of infrastructure is set in stone and known already then this may also influence the position of dependent work.

Certainly you will utilise agile techniques and prototype delivery options and ideas during your workshop as well as making sure workshop attendees concentrate on fit for purpose solutions without recourse to exacting detail or the pursuit of refined complete solutions, not at this stage anyway.

The output from the delivery planning workshop is a documented sequence showing the delivery of agreed functionality at agreed times. This is the delivery plan.


 User Requirements Workshop     User Requirements Workshop   Release Planning Workshop    Release Planning Workshop

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Delivery Planning Workshop


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