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 Planning and Re-planning  Planning and Re-planning   Agile and a Simple Plan   Agile and a Simple Plan

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You will not be sat around waiting for the next milestone to appear. When a milestone or checkpoint appears in your projects, you will not be staring back trying to see if you have delivered the various things you set out to do. You will know what you have done and you will have validated what you have done, with your business team.

As you near the delivery date for your next shipment, you will be validating and revising the various assessment deliverables that comprise your next shipment. You will be prioritizing, with your business team, the various elements of the shipment that are going to be delivered.

So, like this, both you and the business team know what to expect on the date of the shipment. You know what the shipment comprises and importantly, what it does not comprise. Detailed assessment of the shipment should not be a daunting task and should be recognition of the work already done and validated. You can see by working in this collaborative manner with your stakeholder, the costs and the headaches of project development are minimized. Furthermore, the diversions and time wasted often associated with conventional projects is removed. So, now we have established a project, plan, schedule of shipments. We have developed this alongside our partners and assessed it for business accuracy and suitability. This is how we establish our quality both operationally and independently.


 Planning and Re-planning     Planning and Re-planning   Agile and a Simple Plan    Agile and a Simple Plan

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