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 Engagement Commitment Owner  Engagement Commitment Owner   Agile Project Commitments   Agile Project Commitments

Projects demand responsibilities but they rarely maintain them. A person responsible for a task or role can easily and almost damagingly disregard this responsibility if it proves to be a challenge later on in the project. This happens with careless regularity. Often a stakeholder who has the Commitment responsibility for say resource planning and recruitment is happy to help hammer some resourcing numbers together at the start of a project to establish the project resource Commitment. Yet, as the trials of project development, holidays, sickness or other personnel challenges arise, they disappear into the foggy impenetrable background of their other role. They check out of their responsibility and hand the baton back to the project. As the buck stops with a project manager it is they who take the hit.

This ministerial-like ultimate responsibility is fine in principle. You could argue that a project manager should have chosen a different person to recruit as the Engagement Commitment Owner, or anticipated this event or gave them some more support. But this challenge needs overcoming. Experience has shown that your project can continue with this situation for a while. Nonetheless the Owner responsibility will need to be re-established so that there is a point of contact and a point of escalation for this specific topic for the project.

The capability of the project to deliver high performance projects depends upon collective help and cooperation of all participants and this especially applies to those given stakeholder responsibilities. The project is thrown into Disengagement if it fails to achieve and maintain that Commitment. The Commitments are reviewed and maintained at The Daily Forum and the Engagement Commitment Owner is informed if the criteria are believed to be broken in line with the criteria for disengagement.


 Engagement Commitment Owner     Engagement Commitment Owner   Agile Project Commitments    Agile Project Commitments

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Engagement Commitment Maintenance


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