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When we coach, we are invariably acting as a Facilitator helping the team to work together in an agile way, to think in an agile way and to address solutions with an agile approach.

We are trying to halt the regression of our project personnel back into waterfall or old fashioned methods whilst also helping them to identify when such regressions occur.

When the coaching stops the team are thus able to recognise any relapse back to obsolete paths and curtail them quickly of their own accord.

What we are seeking to achieve here is that in the fullness of time a project team identifies, navigates and mediates its own conflict scenarios, sorts out the issues for itself and works to its optimum capability.

This is our objective to deliver a proficient repeatable inspect and adapt approach that works and helps build a high performance team. We go through the topic of facilitation very comprehensively in a number of sections later in the Toolkit beginning with the section entitled  Facilitated workshops . For now then, let us investigate the topic of coaching and the specifics of the method we propose.


 Agile Coaching     Agile Coaching   Coaching the Paris Method    Coaching the Paris Method

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