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 Workshop agenda  Workshop agenda   Active listening   Active listening

The facilitator is responsible for ensuring all workshop activities are carried out and facilitates the workshop process, before during and after the workshop. Their main job is to deal with people and act as an honest broker throughout the event.

You have to consider your personal style and what your group is like, what type of style is going to work. You have to be neutral, independent and without prejudice. You have to say this and to remind the participants of this throughout the workshop. You deal with context, not the content; you are the hourglass, not the sand; you are the ice cool glass jar that safely envelopes the warm bubbling, but gradually cooling, jam.

You will prepare a user script as necessary. You will be clear and concise, include everybody whilst using your eyes and ears not just your voice. You need your radar switched on to all the points and warning signs we mentioned elsewhere.

You will be observational and demonstrate your neutral position. You will benefit from having good presentational skills including listening, supporting, refocusing when necessary, referring to a close, confronting when needed, crisis intervention, problem solving, reflecting, summarising, interpreting, informing and leading the whole event.


 Workshop agenda     Workshop agenda   Active listening    Active listening

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