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 Technical working Commitment  Technical working Commitment   Success measurement Commitment   Success measurement Commitment

The project team will satisfy the fit for purpose demands of the project.

Your technical development team, your business representatives and your business sponsor and all those evaluating the acceptability of your project deliverables will be aware that fit for purpose is the only mandatory and our projects primary assessment of acceptability. If the deliverable whether this is a model, a system or a document is capable of satisfying its fit for purpose objective then it is agreed is complete. We are not trying to deliver everything in this project and everything that is delivered in this project will be fit for purpose. that is it.

You have an owner to this Commitment and you have a Business Sponsor. They are the final arbiters and escalation end point for a deliverable and whether it is fit for purpose. Day to day you sort this out in the team with your business team members but when there are points of order, differences of opinion this means delay and delay means money and money is going to be draining from the project the longer the debate continues.

You have an owner to this Commitment and you have a Business Sponsor. They are the final arbiters: use them and use them before the costs get out of control. OK next is Number 7.


 Technical working Commitment     Technical working Commitment   Success measurement Commitment    Success measurement Commitment

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Fit for purpose Commitment


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