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Your current challenge may not be an agile project it may be an agile transformation for your organisation. Thankfully, the Toolkit is designed to treat the transformation as a project and we will present detail and alternatives for bringing about agile transformation later on.

In the first days of either an agile project or agile transformation, you will understand as well as answer crucial questions about strategy, scope, budget, costs, quality, estimating, people, risks, planning and the management of the project. For an agile transformation you will likely map your source and target domains but in all cases you will fully understand the project landscape you work in.

We will go through all these concepts in much more detail later in the following sections.

 Your Strategy 
 Your Scope 
 Your Budget 
 Your Costs 
 Your Quality 
 Your Estimates 
 Your People 
 Your Risks 
 Your Planning 

For now, as you can see from the diagram, the first challenge is to define your strategy and to establish this in terms of the specific objectives of the project. These objectives will be identified as requirements and these requirements will eventually be evidenced in terms of specific deliverables.

Then, you will record a set of assessment criteria for the three principal measures: quality, time and cost. Naturally, we will go through these in the course of the Toolkit but first things first. Let us define your strategy.


 Strategy To Benefits     Strategy To Benefits   Your Strategy    Your Strategy

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