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This is the Instant Agile page: What we are trying to achieve here is a single page checklist of everything you will need to consider (not necessarily actually do) in sequence for your agile project.

First Steps:

  1. Objective: Define Overall Objective of Project.
  2. Facts: Establish the facts of a project if you have taken it over.
  3. IT Infrastructure: Understand what is in place and what needs to be provided.
  4. Estimate: Time from Strategy to Delivery.
  5. Stakeholders: Define who they are and what their involvement is.
  6. Leadership: Who will lead which teams.
  7. Project Management: Who will manage and who needs regular reporting.
  8. Process: Process to use and processes to align to.
  9. Business and Technical staff required.


  1. Confirm Boards and Executive support
  2. Confirm Overall Objectives
  3. Confirm Leadership Objectives
  4. Confirm Business Change Request
  5. Confirm Estimate has been performed and validated for the Project
  6. Confirm Funding has been approved for the Project
  7. Confirm Budget for delivery of Project
  8. Confirm Schedule for delivery of Project
  9. Confirm QA for delivery of Project
  10. Meet with Executive Sponsor to Confirm acceptance of Project Proposal and your personal Roles & Responsibilities
  11. Start the SETUP Stage.

SETUP : Define:

  1. Examine, Evaluate and Review Business Change Request
  2. Define, refine and agree scope of Project
  3. Define Scope for IT systems (proposed and legacy)
  4. Define Scope for Business process
  5. Define costs for Survey phase
  6. Submit Request for Survey Funds
  7. Agree and gain Approval for Change Proposal
  8. Perform End of Define Checkpoint in Daily Forum

SETUP : Survey:

  1. Define Clear Targets for Proposed IT systems
  2. Define Clear Targets for Legacy IT systems
  3. Define Clear Targets for Proposed Business process
  4. Confirm Precise Financial Targets for delivery of Project
  5. Confirm Precise Schedule Targets for delivery of Project
  6. Confirm Precise Quality Targets for delivery of Project
  7. Confirm Precise Targets for SUCCESS
  8. Agree and gain Approval for Project Plans
  9. Perform End of SETUP Checkpoint in Daily Forum
  10. Start the DELIVER Stage.
DELIVER : Develop:

  1. Confirm Current and Planned team size for delivery of Project
  2. Understand Roles and Responsibilities of stakeholders, management and team
  3. Book Project Delivery Celebration
  4. Consider options for delivery of Project
  5. Introduce Agile Workshops for Managers
  6. Confirm agile capabilities and experience of the teams
  7. Setup Agile Training Assessments
  8. Confirm key stakeholders and establish a stakeholder matrix
  9. Confirm stakeholder commitment and their objectives
  10. Confirm sign off process and rules
  11. Confirm Management Reporting Requirements
  12. Confirm staff performance
  13. Confirm Escalation Path
  14. Investigate Introduction of Performance Improvement Programme for project staff and Managers
  15. Setup Planning and Project Management Function
  16. Setup Project Management Office facilities
  17. Confirm readiness of business and technical teams for delivery of Project
  18. Confirm Precise Governance and SDLC to be used for delivery of Project
  19. Confirm Precise alignment needed to corporate development or technical Standards
  20. Confirm User requirements and prioritize
  21. Establish what estimates have been produced
  22. Validate all estimates for accuracy and consistency
  23. Setup Estimating, Planning, Development, Technology, Testing, Risk Management and Delivery Workshops
  24. Setup Environments, Development, Facilities, Communications
  25. Setup Version Control, Testing, Branching and Continuous Integration environments
  26. Setup Service Delivery function, Disaster recovery, Emergency Management and Incident Management
  27. Setup Weekly Forum meeting for key Project stakeholders
  28. Setup Daily Forum meeting for Project team members
  29. Setup RAID Log

DELIVER : Release:

  1. Agree Release Dates
  2. Setup Solution Assessments
  3. Setup Release Environments
  4. Establish Package Selection where necessary
  5. Agree Shipment Dates
  6. Shipment Planning
  7. Agree Benefits Mining process and dates
  8. Agree Project Benefits Review Dates
  9. Setup Release management and align to plan


  1. Confirm and agree Run Environment
  2. Confirm and agree Deployment Dates
  3. Assess Deployment Stability
  4. Confirm and agree Service Introduction Dates
  5. Confirm and agree Service Definition
  6. Confirm and agree Post Delivery Warranties
  7. Confirm and agree Post Delivery Review Dates
  8. Confirm and agree Emergency Incident Management Process

For Consultancy Agile Projects:

  1. Define ongoing involvement (if any) of other outside consultants
  2. Define involvement of Consultancy in the Agile Project
  3. Agree Roles and Responsibilities of Consultant
  4. Review all work to be delivered by Consultant to ensure this can be delivered in time and cost and to quality.
  5. Prepare a Consultancy Proposal and Assignment Roles & Responsibilities
  6. Investigate Coaching and other supporting personnel where gaps arise.


  1. Reports: Establish if any reports have been produced about the project by internal or external staff
  2. Reports: Establish if any recommendations have been made for the project by internal or external staff. These may include such recommendations such as "seek external help to outsource software development" or "Buy off-the-shelf system to replace legacy systems"


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