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 Prioritised Delivery  Prioritised Delivery   Agile Risk Management   Agile Risk Management

The Just-In-Time (JIT) Development technique allows your organisation to be first to deliver when you need to deliver fast and first to change when you need to change fast.

Using the Just-In-Time (JIT) Development technique we build the smallest we need only as soon as we need it. The JIT technique is most associated with manufacturing and production line processes. Using appropriate supplier, production and demand controls the organisation receives and monitors demand for specific styles or colours of a product and adjusts the order items from its suppliers to reflect and respond to customer needs and requests.

When we follow JIT principles we seek minimum lightweight process with minimum ceremony. This offers us the efficiency in development and supports our agility to adapt to the changing project demands. The concept is fundamental to the LEAN Agile methodology and this is debated elsewhere.

However we have to be pragmatic. If we are already working in the code, have the test data ready and understand a specific area well– it is going to be quicker and more productive to bang out a few small required features now rather than come back to it in a few weeks time with all the re-learning that will entail. So we seek to use JIT pragmatically as well as leanly.


 Prioritised Delivery     Prioritised Delivery   Agile Risk Management    Agile Risk Management

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